How to Tie A Tie

People decide to donne a tie for many reasons. Whatever the occasion, we've decided to give you a brief guide on tying a tie. You might find this information useful for yourself, or another person in your life. Don't forget to like and share this post. Browse through our SHOP to find a tie that's right for you!

STEP #1: Lay the tie around your neck, seam side down. The wide end should be on your right and the narrow end should be on your left. The wide end will be the one that is in movement and should be longer than the narrow end.

STEP #2: Cross the wide end over the narrow end.

STEP #3: Continue and cross the wide end under the narrow end. You should have the beginnings of a knot.

STEP #4: Bring the wide end up through the neck of the tie.

STEP #5: Bring the wide end through the top slip of the knot you created.

STEP #6: Slide the wide end down through the knot until it is slightly tightened. Hold the knot in place and grasp the narrow end. Pull lightly until it is fit comfortably around your neck.

YOU'RE ALL DONE! Enjoy your nicely tied, tie! Need a tie to practice with? Check this out!


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